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if they do occur, the side effects of dilantin are most likely to be minor and temporary.

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erythromycin, another macrolide antibiotic structurally similar to clarithromycin, has been known to interact with astemizole hismanal , loratadine claritin , bromocriptine, warfarin coumadin , carbamazepine tegretol , cyclosporine, digoxin lanoxin , disopyramide norpace , ergotamine, lovastatin mevacor , phenytoin dilantin , theophylline, triazolam halcion , and valproate to alter the blood levels of these medicines.

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drug interactions include acetazolamide diamox , methazolamide neptazane , dichlorphenamide daranide , carbamazepine tegretol and phenytoin dilantin and oral contraceptives.
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