Chapter 7 (the last chapter) of Velvet Elvis, entitled ‘Good’, and it is about God’s creation, the fall of man, the institution of the church, and loving your neighbor. It is a challenging chapter in terms of some of the suggestions on what it means to be a blessing to others, and how to love without an agenda.

Just in time for the completion of this guide tonight, my new copy of Sex God arrived in an Amazon package this afternoon. I’m sure some reviews will be forthcoming…

Here are the study guides (for the participant and facilitator/leader):

Velvet Elvis: Good (Study Guide)
buy clomid, buy clomid online. Velvet Elvis: Good (Facilitator Guide)

Links to previous chapters:

Velvet Elvis: Introduction nolvadex buy online, buy dapoxetine. Velvet Elvis: Jump
Velvet Elvis: Yoke
Velvet Elvis: True
Velvet Elvis: Tassels Velvet Elvis: Dust Velvet Elvis: New


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