OK, I normally don’t do this (recommend anything from South Park), but a friend of mine said that I had to see the history of Mormonism as told by South Park.A?A? There is one use of the word ‘ass’ at the end of the clip, but other than that, it does match historically, and gives a quick overview that makes one wonder how it is that Mormonism is still growing so quickly…

YouTube Preview Image

And while we’re at it, here’s their explanation (once again not making it up) of Scientology:

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    [...] Apparently one of the mysterious “editors” (hiding behind anonymity, of course), is completely blind and obtuse to logic and contextual criticism. Whoever the “editor” is, also must have missed Humor Day two weeks ago (see my link midway down the thread), along with the post on my website nearly a month ago. [...]

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