A good number of my friends know that I have forever been a little bit of a political junkie (and would probably laugh at my use of “a little bit”, in the same sense that the Pope is a little bit Catholic).

Earlier, when there were seemingly a dozen GOP candidates, I looked over the field and declared that about the only guy I liked was Fred Thompson (when he was talking about running last summer).A?A? I still like Fred, but a campaigner he is not, which is a shame.

I am not a huge McCain fan – I think he’s backed the wrong horses on some key issues, but on the issues of National Defense, Fiscal Responsibility and Constructionist Judiciary (including Pro-Life), he’s been consistent.A?A? Unlike most remaining candidates from either party, I think he’s got the edge on these and on the all-important intangible – integrity.

Now, I was asked today who http://kwbrentwoodla.com/order-lady-era-review/ I would have drafted to run, and to the surprise of my listeners (though not my wife, who’s heard me talk about him for several years now) I said it would have been buy clomid cheap, buy lioresal online. J.C. Watts http://www.sex-titan.com/non-classe/buy-generic-wellbutrin-xl/ nolvadex for cheap, purchase Zoloft. http://sinyalhaber.com/2018/02/12/himalaya-diabecon-price-in-india/ http://chr-centre.org/?p=10211 http://www.nemesis-systems.co.uk/?p=1594 http://blog.eppohan2.com/?p=2665 .A?A? Since his Congressional career began back in ‘94 on through today, where he shows up on CNN as a commentator, he’s been one of the most level-headed voices, who I almost find myself in agreement with, and impressed by.

Interestingly, Watts is a long-time friend and supporter of John McCain, and I certainly hope, should McCain sew up the nomination – which seems to be inevitible – that Watts would be on his short list for VP.A?A? I would certainly choose him over ANY of the other candidates that have been in the GOP race this year.A?A? While I’m sure there would be some criticism from the left (and maybe the right) that such a choise was racially motivated, such criticism would be ill-warranted, as Watts has the ideological and practical credentials for such a position…


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  1. Bruce Gerencser on February 6, 2008 4:28 pm


    I intend to vote for Obama but McCain is a good candidate. I believe he is the candidate that will move the Republican party to the left a bit. More moderate. I really like his fiscal policies. He is a good, honest man.

    If Huckabee or Romney are the nominee I think it is a cakewalk for the Democrats. If McCain is the nominee I think it is real race.

    I am a hopeless political junkie. My sister calls me a walking CNN. My mother campaigned for Goldwater in 1964 and was actively involved in the Wallace Campaign in 1968. If she were alive she would probably dispute my liberalism but she would admire my conviction.

    My grandmother said to me “We only vote for Republicans in this family” :) Hopefully, she is not rolling over in her grave.


  2. Chris L. on February 7, 2008 12:59 am


    I grew up in a family in which one could only tell a ‘good’ Democrat by their body temperature. I’ve moved a little bit since then, but I’m still not sure I could vote for one ;)

  3. Rick Frueh on February 22, 2008 5:54 pm

    Oh you guys! It is fun albeit like cotton candy. I think following politics is like playing dungeons and dragons. I love it, it’s soooo cute!

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