It was a great trip!After almost two weeks being back, we’ve got all the pictures cataloged, the souvenirs dispensed, and our daily diaries all typed up (even though we had no working PC on the trip, we continued documenting, so we’d have it all for scrapbooks, story-telling, etc.).

I’ve gone ahead and back-published the diaries and B&B reviews on the days we were there and wrote them up, but you can link to them all from here.

Day 1: Jet Lag & Dublin Trip Report + Avondale B&B Review

Day 2: The Skipping Young Hooligans Trip Report + Glenorney by the Sea B&B Review

Day 3: Saturdays & (Man) Friday’s Trip Report + Amarach B&B Review

Day 4: The Blue Murphy Trip Report + The Ferris Wheel B&B Review

Day 5: Ring of Kerry Trip Report

Day 6: Cliffs & Castles Trip Report + Clonmore Lodge B&B Review

Day 7: Galway & Alale Trip Report + clomiphene citrate, buy lioresal. Prague House B&B Review

Day 8: Connemara Chicken Trip Report + Bay View B&B Review

Day 9: Abbey Road Trip Report + Ross Castle B&B Review

Day 10: Dublin Down Trip Report clomid for sale, lioresal online. + Leeson Bridge Guest House Review

Day 11: Sunday is For Church(es) + Clontarf Castle Hotel Review

Day 12: The Voyage Home (Signs) Trip Report

cA?ad mA?le fA?ilte!


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