[Warning: A bit of a rant here at the beginning...]

“How Stuff Works” is a new video put out by an ex-Greenpeace hippy to help indoctrinate teach children into Marxist/Revisionist economics and ideology http://ichccvc.com/buy-purim-boxes/ about the evils of capitalism and consumption.A? Apparently, millions of school children have been shown this video over the past couple of years in American schools.

And it’s no wonder our schools are failing and producing illiterates who have no idea how to function in the real world, and who fall for the crap that the agenda of “hopeandchange” tosses their way.

Should your children accidentally be exposed to this Marxist garbage, there’s been an excellent deconstruction put together by How The World Works clomid buy online, buy clomid. http://18vkislov.18blogs.aes.ac.in/2018/02/11/order-purim-costumes/ http://www.petitcolombier.com/uncategorized/cheap-lady-era-reviews/ http://foreverneverendzent.com/can-you-buy-cytotec-over-the-counter-in-the-philippines/ – run by a guy who’s got a gift for taking mathematical/statistical concepts and making them real and easy to understand.

[End Rant]

YouTube Preview Image YouTube Preview Image YouTube Preview Image YouTube Preview Image

On second thought, should you find out that your child’s teacher will be showing “How Stuff Works”, let your child watch the above deconstruction FIRST so that they can un-brainwash their classmates, thus doing your entire community a favor. (Of course, this comes AFTER you write to the school’s principal to request a new teacher for your child that isn’t a complete nitwit). http://www.gamemobile.it/buy-rosuvastatin-online-uk/ nolvadex for sale, generic Zoloft. http://ari-kurniawan.mhs.narotama.ac.id/2018/02/14/college-essay-help/


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