One of the best Christian books released in the past few years, IMHO, is Velvet Elvis: Repainting the Christian Faith nolvadex tablets buy, dapoxetine online. by Rob Bell. Having purchased numerous copies of this book for friends & family, I was also happy to see the recent release of the paperback version. This, too, is leading to more small Christian study groups adding it to their study rolls.

With this in mind, and since I’m going back through it again for my own study, I’ve started putting together a study guide for Velvet Elvis, that I’m willing to share with other folks going through it on their own or in their small groups.

Tonight, I am posting the first of these guides, for the introductory chapter ‘Welcome to My Velvet Elvis’, which kicks of this refreshing trip. There are two files included here – one is a blank study sheet for students, and the other is a facilitator’s guide, which includes some facilitation notes, scriptures and other resources. Feel free to use these for your own studies. I just ask that you don’t change them, charge anything for them, or host them outside of my site.


Study Guide: Welcome to My Velvet Elvis
Facilitator’s Guide: Welcome to My Velvet Elvis side effects of clomid, purchase lioresal.


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