Today, we took the ferry over to Victoria and back, before heading to Seattle.

Best Laid Plans

For Day 12 (June 20, 2010) the plan was this:

Day 12 Planned Travel RouteThis morning, we will get up bright and early so that we can take the 8:20 Ferry over to Victoria, BC and the 3:30 Ferry back to Port Angeles. From there, we will head east across the Olympic Peninsula and take the Kingston – Edmonds ferry over to Seattle, where we will visit the Space Needle for a nighttime view over the city before heading to our first hotel in a little more than a week, the Warwick Seattle Hotel.

What Actually Transpired

This morning, rain greeted us at about 5 a.m., dousing our campsite, though we stayed pretty dry. We broke camp and took the 8:20 ferry to Victoria. There, we took in some shopping, wandered the business district, ate at an Irish pub, and then watched several street performers, before heading back to Port Angeles. The drive to Seattle required a change of plans when the Ferry from Kingston to Edmonds was listed at 2 hours wait. So, we chose to go over the Tacoma Narrows bridge (once the famous a??Galloping Gertiea?? from physics class) and into Seattle from the south.
In Seattle, we got in some more walking time and Jordan went up to the top of the Space Needle for about an hour. We then went back to our hotel and completely reorganized our gear for the last week of our trip along the Cascade range.

Odometer Start: 38232
Odometer End: 38382
Total Miles:A? 150 miles

Funny/Deep/Odd/Profound Observations

a??Seeing a street performer balanced across two chairs, juggling fiery batons and a machete while a grown guy with a torch on his head rides a trike between his legs isna??t something you see every day.a??

a??I didna??t know they had [insert a multiple of items/people/places] in Canada.a??


Here’s a link to the day’s photo album and its slide show.

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We were able to get fast wifi (from Zan :) at Starbucks, so we were able to upload a couple of video compilations from San Fransisco and from our Ocean experiences.

(NOTE: Flickr seems to be limiting the playback to 1:30, so I’ll have to upload to YouTube when we get home).


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