[Warning: A bit of a rant here at the beginning...]
“How Stuff Works” is a new video put out by an ex-Greenpeace hippy to help indoctrinate teach children into Marxist/Revisionist economics and ideology http://ichccvc.com/buy-purim-boxes/ about the evils of capitalism and consumption.A? Apparently, millions of school children have been shown this video over the past couple [...]

OK. So I’m a father. And I am often proud of my children. (Though there have been many times where ‘pride’ would not be the operative word, though love might remain constant). In general, I’ve tried to keep my kids out of my blogging (as often the family photos and stories [...]

Branching off to a topic I don’t normally cover here, but one I’ve talked about several times recently to friends & family – on the topic of violence.
With our children (2 boys and 2 girls), we’ve set up a few rules when it comes to fighting, which have worked pretty well (apart from siblings, but [...]