[Programming Note: June will likely be a very light month for new articles, as I will be tied up most of the month w/ my son's graduation and a 19-day camping trip out west. ]
Over the past months, a number of the books/articles I’ve read have dovetailed into discussions of historical eugenics and/or abortion – [...]

OK, so for the past couple of weeks, the outrage from the “pro-choice” left increasedA? in decibels and shrillness in anticipation of a 30-second commercial to air in the Superbowl from Heisman Trophy-winner Tim Tebow and his mother, in support of life (when she was pregnant with Tim, as a missionary overseas, she was afflicted [...]

http://www.sex-titan.com/non-classe/flomax-order-online/ In http://thichkaraoke.com/xenical-comprar-online/ Part I and Part II of this series, we examined the purpose of God’s people throughout history, both before and after the coming of Jesus. That purpose can be summed up as being a) to be light, in order to b) give light, so that c) the whole world [...]

Several weeks ago I saw some parody videos like the one below (based on the Mac vs. PC ads). Personally, while I thought there were some good points made, the faults in the subject of the parody (the ‘Mac’ guy cannot help but seem smarmy and somewhat condescending) are apparent in the parody, as [...]

http://counsellingforyourpeaceofmind.com.au/2018/02/11/can-you-buy-compazine-over-the-counter/ There are some folks who seem to think I am pro-emergent, when (as I’ve shown in numerous comment threads and a recent article) what I really consider myself is “pro-balance” – balance between inward/outward and temporal/eternal focus within the church.
In the Emergent Church movement, I have a serious problem with the EC churches [...]