I recently read a series of depressing studies about marriage & relationships in modern society – where the average age of marriage creeps ever higher (which, ultimately, is not a good thing), the prevalence of broken relationships has become the new norm, and instant gratification has come to trump the rewards of delayed gratification.
And I [...]

[The following is a guest post by our friend, Rick Frueh, on the topic of Christianity of Just War, from a Biblical Pacifist point of view. Chris L has written a similar post from the point of view of a Christian's support of the notion of Just War.]
Biblical Pacifism
Blessed are the peacemakers…
A Short Introduction
If [...]

clomid without prescription, acquire clomid. Apparently, the UK, like many “true believers” (be they fundies or lefties), is incapable of understanding satire, as the Nanny state continues to read Orwell’s 1984 as a roadmap, looking to install cameras in 20,000 homes to make sure the families send their kids to school, feed [...]

In the city of Pergamum, the governing center of Asia Minor, when the Apostle John arrived on the scene in the decades after Paul and Timothy’s work there, he found cities that were intensely religious, though not at all predominantly Christian.
The people in this city worshiped many gods, of whom the predominant ones were:
Dionysus – [...]

A friend of mine from my days at Milligan College 20 years ago (or so) and I recently got back in touch via Facebook. While we shared a passion for music, working on a number of small projects together, we disagreed (sometimes vehemently) on the subject of politics, with me swinging to the (hard) [...]

http://thichkaraoke.com/instagram-spy-localizador-gps-movil/ http://stilo24.com/2018/02/11/minomycin-online-calculator/ Anymore, it seems to be an annual rite where October 31 rolls around and news stations, due to the slow-news nature of Octobers, begin looking for “human interest” stories.A?A? The typical ones are those in which some Christian group is protesting Halloween, or staging ‘Hell-houses’, or doing something else rather public [...]

Anyone with even a passing knowledge of the Bible knows that the caring treatment of widows, orphans and the poor are core to what it means to practice what it teaches. James, the brother of Jesus, sums it up this way:
Religion that God our Father accepts as pure and faultless is this: to look [...]

I http://muaxenangnhanh.com/stromectol-buy/ http://www.chanseul.com/archives/6371 buy clomid online, purchase zithromax nolvadex online, dapoxetine reviews. . posted an article tonight on the subject of Christian counseling, psychiatry and the use of psychiatric drugs over on my other blog site tonight that may be of interest to some local readers (or non-local [...]

where can you buy nolvadex, acquire Zoloft. http://unabet.com/sports_betting/buying-cannabis-seeds-legal-in-uk/ Liberal, Conservative, Libertarian, Catholic, Protestant, Emergent, Evangelical, Dunker, Sprinkler, Calvinist, Arminian, etc., etc.
We, as humans, seem to be overly fascinated with labeling ourselves and each other. It’s sort of a mental short-hand that helps us retain information and to categorize people, places [...]

Several weeks ago I saw some parody videos like the one below (based on the Mac vs. PC ads). Personally, while I thought there were some good points made, the faults in the subject of the parody (the ‘Mac’ guy cannot help but seem smarmy and somewhat condescending) are apparent in the parody, as [...]

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