In the past day or so, I’ve had a friend who sent me a couple of cheap viagra 100mg links to articles on (Warning: cialis 20mg price in malaysia NSFW language) with some interesting observations. His first was this one, based on this Cracked article:
I was reading an article about how good news no [...]

One of the several views of pareschatology Rob Bell puts forth in Love Wins is that of Universal Reconciliation (which I have spent buckets of digital ink arguing against, when it was presented as a certainty, so I don’t want to re-hash those arguments). Even though he doesn’t ultimately espouse UR as his view of [...]

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Rich Mullins, in weekend retreats he & Beaker ran, many years ago, used to quote C.S. Lewis’ definition of love:
“Love is desiring the best for someone else, and being willing to do something about it.”
For the life of me, my Google-fu is weak, and I cannot
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For the past couple of years, my wife and I (and by extension, our family) have engaged in a small “project” we tend to refer to as “good stories”. Basically, it is this: When we see someone out in public who does something really stupid/infuriating/bone-headed/embarrassing/etc., rather than view the situation with the obvious [...]

My style of humor tends to be a bit on the dark & dry side (in addition to my love of puns), much to the chagrin of my family.  And so it is, from time to time, that when I’m doing something serious (working, reading the Bible, playing piano, etc.), something strikes me funny from [...]

Just a quick thought for today (and some apologies for slacking on my writing lately).
Recently, I went on a trip down to God’s Country (aka “Tennessee”) with my older daughter, where we had a grand time. When I got back, we were going through all of the photos we took, and I [...]

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