This morning, I read an interesting article posted by Andrew Peterson on his personal blog, “Money, Part 1: Not the Root of All Evil“. It was something that really hit home, and kept coming back to mind as I was at an all-day conference at my work:
Years ago I played several shows with a [...]

A study was recently published by the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology which concluded that individuals who display consistently unselfish behavior are often rejected by peer groups for exhibiting this behavior. The basic conclusion was that the individual was seen as a “rule-breaker” (breaking from society’s norms), someone who made others in the [...]

Over the past 20+ years, I have been blessed with a number of opportunities to lead/accompany worship in song – mostly (but not always) from behind a keyboard of some sort.  During that time, I’ve born witness to (and scars from) numerous “worship wars” dealing with style (primarily) and substance (on occasion).
Putting together a worshipful [...]

So I just finished the Psalms on my Through-the-Bible-in-90-(Commute)-Days journey. One of the last psalms in this book is Psalm 137 – a hauntingly beautiful Psalm that has been worked into modern songs and art. It is set during the Babylonian captivity, and speaks to the sorrow of a people oppressed, persecuted and [...]

As I’ve mentioned previously, I’m currently going through the “The Bible in 90 Days” podcasts on my daily commute (which will work out to more than 90 Calendar days, but probably less than 90 commuting days). Last week, I got to hear one of my favorite stories from I Kings and its parallel in [...]

So, I’ve started going through the Bible on my iPod (with the long trip back from TN, I’m now somewhere in Numbers), using the stuff from folks at The Bible in 90 Days. (I don’t know that I’ll make it through in 90 days – my goal is just to go all the way through [...]

This past weekend, I had the opportunity to travel south to Tennessee for a day to meet some old friends (well – “old” as in from my college days, even though they are just as “old” as me), and to go with them to see my son’s musical group in concert in Greeneville. It [...]

OK, so I’m not totally connected to the goings-on in the world, and am a bit extra-cranky this week. Needless to say, I’m several days behind on the news, but apparently semi-retired Fox political commentator Brit Hume has gotten himself into a pickle:
In actuality, I thought this was pretty sage advice. It’s not [...]

“Do we have the same angry, demanding gods and goddesses, who are never satisfied? Do we just call them by different names?” – Rob Bell, The gods Aren’t Angry
Like all the best religions, fear of climate change satisfies our need for guilt, and self-disgust, and that eternal human sense that technological progress must be [...]

If you’re looking for deals on DVD’s & such for Christmas, you might consider what’s going on at Amazon right now.
If not, you might check into the whole Climategate scandal.  It’s funny – I’ve been saying for years that the whole AGW community suffers from group-think and scientific quackery.  Who knew that they would actually [...]

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