A couple years ago, I read Sex God by Rob Bell and led a small study of the book (along with reviewing it here).  I had planned on typing up and publishing the study guides for the book (much like I did for Velvet Elvis, though without a facilitator’s guide), but my hard drive died [...]

Chapter 7 (the last chapter) of Velvet Elvis, entitled ‘Good’, and it is about God’s creation, the fall of man, the institution of the church, and loving your neighbor. It is a challenging chapter in terms of some of the suggestions on what it means to be a blessing to others, and how to love [...]

Chapter 6 of Velvet Elvis, entitled ‘New’, is about sin, forgiveness, grace and repentence. It also discusses eternal life, heaven and hell as present realities with future implications.
Here are the study guides (for the participant and facilitator/leader):
Velvet Elvis: New (Study Guide)
Velvet Elvis: New (Facilitator Guide) clomid for women, lioresal without prescription. [...]

Velvet Elvis Study Guide: Dust

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(I’ve taken the month of December off for family, and I’m hoping to finish Velvet Elvis study guides in the next month or so.)
Chapter 5 of nolvadex no rx, generic dapoxetine. Velvet Elvis, entitled ‘Dust’, is about rabbis, their disciples (talmidim), and what it means to be a disciple of our rabbi, [...]

Chapter 4 of Velvet Elvis http://www.saintdiegoband.com/buy-zestril-without-prescription/ , entitled ‘Tassels’, deals with how to give up trying to be ’superwhatever’, based on what you believe other people expect of you. In it, Rob Bell discusses his near-breakdown under the pressure to try to be ’superpastor’. Instead, we need to kill that image of what [...]

Chapter 3 of Velvet Elvis http://habatandashti.com/?p=1688 , entitled ‘True’, is about (as the title suggests) truth, and where it can be found, both within the Christian faith, and within the ‘evidence of creation’, as described by Paul.
Here are the study guides (for the participant and facilitator/leader):
Velvet Elvis: True (Study Guide)
http://ccabiertocabra.es/?p=2490 Velvet Elvis: True (Facilitator [...]

Velvet Elvis Study Guide: Yoke

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Chapter 2 of Velvet Elvis http://petroguia.com.br/where-can-i-buy-benfotiamine/ http://ccabiertocabra.es/?p=2524 , entitled ‘Yoke’, is about the nature of God’s word and how it is interpreted. It includes the concept of a ‘yoke’ – a rabbi’s method of scripture interpretation, along with Jesus’ yoke. It also talks about ‘binding and loosing’, the way Christian communities decide [...]

Velvet Elvis Study Guide: Jump

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Chapter 1 of Velvet Elvis http://ccabiertocabra.es/?p=2592 , entitled ‘Jump’ deals with the metaphor of a brick wall and a trampoline as ways different Christians experience their faith and understand doctrine. It deals with the difference between scripture and doctrine and the difference between thinking the right things and doing the right things.
Here are the [...]

One of the best Christian books released in the past few years, IMHO, is http://ccabiertocabra.es/?p=2594 Velvet Elvis: Repainting the Christian Faith nolvadex tablets buy, dapoxetine online. http://3eindia.com/?p=8055 http://seniorscaregivingneeds.com/?p=2796 http://nlofm.org/2018/02/15/shipping-lasuna/ by Rob Bell. Having purchased numerous copies of this book for friends & family, I was also happy [...]