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Merry Christmas to all!

Between Black-belt classes and family obligations, I’m taking a couple of weeks off here.
I will still be posting links to articles of interest in my Facebook feed during this time.
See you on the other side!

After almost two weeks being back, we’ve got all the pictures cataloged, the souvenirs dispensed, and our daily diaries all typed up (even though we had no working PC on the trip, we continued documenting, so we’d have it all for scrapbooks, story-telling, etc.).
I’ve gone ahead and back-published the diaries and B&B reviews on the [...]

So, I (Chris) blew out the Power Adapter for the Power Mac, which means we have 25% power left in the Mac and no way to charge it.  We’re looking for a PC store w/ Apple accessories, but barring a miracle (no Apple Stores in Ireland), we may have to wait till we’re back to [...]

We’re off to Ireland Today! Zan and I are leaving the kids behind (in good hands – including the Mastiff’s – mind you!). If we’re able to get wireless in our lodging, we may post updates from our journey!
Chris & Zan
You can click below to see a map of where we’re headed…
View Trip Map

OK. So I’m a father. And I am often proud of my children. (Though there have been many times where ‘pride’ would not be the operative word, though love might remain constant). In general, I’ve tried to keep my kids out of my blogging (as often the family photos and stories [...]

Since Zach so kindly moved us to an easy-to-update server, we’ve upgraded to WordPress 2.5, which seemed like a cause to celebrate by changing the look and feel of the site.
Hopefully, it is for the better I think so, at least

…The next month will be light on postings (as the previous few weeks) due to school year-end activities, a graduation for my oldest, and a trip he and I are taking up the left coast…

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